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Online alcohol seller server training to obtain a barteder license. PSCC offers responsible serving courses for bartenders, alcohol sellers, and alcohol servers. Earn your responsible alcohol server certificate, or food safety certificate!
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Advanced Wine Knowledge

Waiter/Waitress Hospitality Course

    Liquor Knowledge

    Club Drugs

    Bartender Mixology

    California Managing Responsible Alcohol Servers

    Washington DC Managing Responsible Servers

    Off-Premises Responsible Serving® of Alcohol

    Responsible Serving® of Tobacco

    Florida Managing Responsible Alcohol Servers

    Minnesota Food Manager Recertification: Duties of the CFM

    Responsible Serving® of Alcohol

    Vermont On-Premises Responsible Serving® of Alcohol

    Vermont Off-Premises Responsible Serving® of Alcohol

    South Dakota Food Safety for Managers Training

    Tennessee Responsible Wine Vendor Training

    South Dakota Food Manager Recertification

    Washington Mandatory Alcohol Server Training w / Korean Exam

    Tennessee Responsible Beer Vendor Training

    Food Safety for Handlers

    Rserving Ohio Level One Certification in Food Protection

    Alaska Marijuana Handler Permit Training

    Arizona Title 4 MANAGEMENT Responsible Serving®

    Workplace Harassment Prevention

      UST- C Training

      Food Allergy Awareness

      Workplace Harassment Prevention Training for Restaurants and Bars